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Video - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to decide if I want video when I make my reservation?
A. It is a good idea to let us know that you would like video when you make your reservation. However, you can decide after you get here.

Q. Do I have to wait to receive my video?
A. In most cases, the video is done before the jumper is finished taking off their gear. You can watch it right away.However, on busy days we will edit all videos in the evening and mail out a dvd. They usually only take 2-3 days to arrive. A youtube link of your video is getting emailed to you as soon as we have uploaded you video

Q. How long is the video?
A. The finished production is between 5 and 8 minutes long. It includes an introduction, the flight to jump altitude, the freefall, parachute opening, canopy decent with beautiful scenery shots of the entire Monterey Bay, landing, and the excitement after the jump.

Q. Can I choose what music is used?
A. We have a large selection to choose from. Currently we are using uncopyrighted music only!

Q. Can I get my video on DVD?
A. Videos come on DVD. Additionally they get uploaded as a video-stream

Q. Can I get extra copies?
A. Extra copies are great for giving to friends and family. They are $5 and you can have as many as you would like.

Q. What if I loose or damage my video?
A. We archive video and photos for six months. If you lose or damage yours we can send you another.

Q. Can I get photographs also?
A. For only $40 extra, you can choose to get photographs in addition to your video. You will get approximately 150-200 high-resolution digital stills on a separate photo CD.

Q. Can I get just photographs?
A. You can get stills only, however, the price for stills only is the same as video only. For $40 more you can have both.

Q. What are the photos like?
A. The still photos are high-resolution digital pictures. The image quality is amazing, even when blown up to poster size.

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