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Tandem Skydive Information & Pricing

San Francisco book skydive

Take a giant step into the wonderful world of Skydiving.

Why skydive with us? In a nutshell our Santa Cruz location offers:
Focus on first time skydivers• highly experienced instructors• best safety record• breath taking views of coast • closest Drop Zone to ocean• closest center to San Francisco with best ocean views•scenic plane ride to jump altitude• shortest wait times Skydive Surfcity directions Map

We offer two different altitudes for Tandem Skydives
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Option: EXTREME Ocean Views
Jump altitude 13,000 feet
Freefall length - up to 60 seconds


$10 Weekday Discount:
(valid MON-THU-FRI)

Option: Extreme Ocean Views Gift Certificate

Jump altitude 13,000 feet
Freefall length up to 60 seconds

(If Prepaid as a Gift Certificate)

Gift Certificate Orders,

Skydiving Freefall Video/ Photo Options

HD Video or Photos

HD Video AND Photos


Outside Videographer
(both video and photos)

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Reservation & Cancellation Policy
The easiest way to book is by giving us a call at 831.435.5169. We will need your full name, phone number and a credit card number to hold the reservation. There is no prepayment and we do not charge any deposit fees. There is no need for rain checks in case the weather was bad: You only pay if you get to jump. However, we do have a 48 cancellation policy. In case you change your mind you will need to call us at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled jump to avoid a 50$ charge (per booked jump) on your card. Larger Groups will have longer required notice periods--72hours for groups sizes 6-9 people, 96 hours for groups of 10 people or more. By making reservations you acknowledge these terms.

Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!
It only takes 20 minutes of orientation and ground instruction to prepare for your jump. Ascend to sky dive altitude with your instructor and enjoy an incredible scenic ride over the Northern Californian coast. Attached to your instructor, you will exit the aircraft on parachute equipment built for two. Imagine yourself entering the boundless sky in freefall, hearing and feeling the rushing wind as you accelerate to speeds of up to 130 M.P.H.!

This freefall sensation has been described by many as "floating on air". As you relax and become comfortable, your instructor may take you through a series of turns. At 5000 feet, you or your instructor will deploy the parachute. Enjoy a breathtaking ride on a modern ram air parachute. Best of all you will learn how to fly and control the parachute. In this phase of your skydive, you will be able to practice your landings with your instructor for a smooth touchdown onto our landing area

This is a low pressure, high thrill skydive. It is a perfect first jump for those wanting an adrenaline adventure.

If you have Questions, call us at: (831) 435 5169.
Or check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Don't forget to get video

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